Black Hart Long Arms
Whats New  (9/2013)   
New for 2013 in the photo gallery are a couple special pieces. The Christian Oerter rifle was copied from the fine new book 'Moravian Gun Making During the American Revolution' that shows the guns in every detail. I was recently told that the original was sold for $700,000. Mine cost about 1% of that!
The new J Clark rifle was made more like the original in both brass and silver and had the benefit of the cover story and pictures about the Clark rifles in MuzzleBlast of Sept 2011.
The jaeger rifle in the Jaegers new and old was completed last fall on a blank of Turkish walnut after the first blank stock of Madrone walnut broke into 4 pieces when dropped ! Burl wood should be confined to the butt stock area and not extend into the wrist or further forward.
The wood from the maple log folder is finally ready after 3 yrs with 1 season in the overhead above the shop wood stove.
At this years' Gun Makers Fair at Dixon's, my left hand Beck rifle won a Second place for engraving and 3rds for patch box and carving to the delight of the new owner who was there to collect it.

2014 has been busy. A highlight is a take-down rifle sent to Abu Dhabi, the first in > 100 yrs. Photos up now in the 'Take-Down rifle' folder.
In July we filmed with Henry Rawlins for his "Ten Things You Don't Know" series set to air on Sept. 13th at 10 pm on H2 channel and in re-runs.
A very ambitious turn-barrel Jacob Kuntz rifle was a challenging project for the fall season. Never again ! Photos in the Jacob Kuntz rifle folder.

2015 starts out with a jaeger rifle finishing about the start of Feb. Among others, I have an order for 4 of the finest rifles (from the new book "An Intimate look at The American Longrifle" by David Hansen) from a long time patron. At present there is about a 12 month lead time for new work.

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