Black Hart Long Arms
J P Beck Rifles   
This first JP Beck rifle is my own gun. Beck's (1752-1811) work epitomizes the use of the Greek Golden Mean and the underlying structure in nature in the proportioning of every part and the decorations of this academic rococco master piece. Beck incorperated Christian symbols into the patchbox finial that can be located with the proportional dividers. The wall it sits on is 250 years old, our house in the background was built in 2001. The rifle in the second series of pictures is not a copy of an existing rifle, but a combination of 2 Beck guns. It's lock is charcoal blued. The 3rd rifle is made with a distressed finish to show wear, it has a side hinge box to resemble the Alonzo Chappell/Daniel Boone rifle. The 4th gun is the same as my own gun. The lock is color casehardened in bone and wood charcoal.