Black Hart Long Arms
Deer hunting   
This first picture is of Rev. Bill Young in Yellowstone in 2010 with a doe he's bagged with a .54 cal John Bonewitz rifle I built for him in 1998. Bill's son Nate also bagged his deer with his Black Hart Hawken. The 2nd picture is Scott Adams, veterinarian from eastern Washington. He bagged this previously wounded buck with a .54 cal 'shimmel'in the JP Beck style that I built for him. A 'shimmel' or 'poor boy' piece has the same lock and barrel as an expensive piece but only the necessary hardware and no decorations. The load of 85 gr FF powder and .535 ball passed through the deer at 90 yards. The 3 rd, 4th and 5th pics Are the Younds in 2011 with their Blackhart rifles.. The last picture is of Roger Dayon who took these 2 deer on the same day, one on private land and one on public land here in Connecticut, both with a Lancaster rifle I built for him.